Education Committee

  •   Meets:  3rd Tuesday of each month at 9:30AM at the Tammy's Place at 239 Hwy 158 in Littleton, NC 27850
  •   Email:
  •   Chair:  Jeff Dowhan   -  (252) 586-1220

Committee Mission Statement / Function


To explore, develop and implement programs in concert with local schools to support the education and enrichment of our youth.


Primary Function... 

The LGA recognizes the need to have good, local schools that will entice professionals, skilled craftsmen and their respective families to move to the area to provide the goods and services to have a thriving lake community. There are multiple opportunities for the LGA to support local students and their schools predominantly through volunteer activities. The Committee was formed to explore the opportunities to support our youth and schools, align them with the skills, education and interests of our membership, and then develop and implement programs that are both educational to our youth and rewarding to our membership.



Current Projects

Upcoming 2018/2019 School Year Education Committee Activities

This summer the committee reviewed the education related comments provided through the recent membership survey to evaluate the suggestions our members provided to improve our education programs. As a result of our review no significant changes are being made. The following highlights our programs going into this school year.


We have updated our in-school speaker volunteer data base to share with the schools. The data base highlights the careers, life skills and hobbies our members are willing to share with local 8th graders. We hope to initiate the in-school speaker program in October


We are finalizing what we hope to be our third annual meeting with the five county school superintendents from North Carolina counties: Halifax, Northampton & Warren, and from Virginia counties: Brunswick & Mecklenburg, be held in early November. This meeting provides a forum for the LGA to review our educational activities with the superintendents as well as soliciting their thoughts and advice. The superintendents are also requested to summarize their new programs and this provides a good opportunity for them to share their ideas with each other.

Our hope is to provide up to four Lakeside Learning Days (LLDs) this school year. Typically the LLDs are held in the spring.


Any member interested in directly sharing their thoughts on our educational program and using their career experience and knowledge to support the Educational Committee is welcome.


Being active with the Educational Committee and interacting with local students is a great way to provide a service to our community and hopefully it is also fulfilling to oneself.

In-School Presentations

LGA presentations have begun at William R. Davie Middle School on career, vocational, and life skill subject matter. Presentations on the Art of Negotiation and Health Care Careers have been made. Upcoming presentations are scheduled for NASA/Aerospace and the career path for an Information Security Analyst before the end of the calendar year. There are other presentations being developed for 2016 with more opportunities available through the balance of the school year. We have developed a generic guideline to be used by any individual that may be interested in providing a career, vocational, or life skill presentation. These presentations can be made to individual AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) classes or a whole grade level.


In addition William R. Davie Middle School is sponsoring a Hometown Career Day Program on Wednesday, November 18 from 8:00am - 2:30pm. There will be approximately 25 local companies participating. The school has requested LGA support and we will have three LGA speakers in attendance.

Club Support

The students have selected their school clubs for the 2015-2016 school. The selected clubs are Poetry, Future Farmers of America, Production (Stage), Chess, Journalism, Drama, Cooking, Fitness, Girls’ Aerobics, Reader’s Theatre, Crochet, Music, Books, Campus Beautification, Glee Club, V-Tech (computers), Photography, Media , Math, Movie Critic, and Leadership. Each club has a faculty sponsor and all of them embrace support by the LGA members. The clubs typically meet the last Friday of the month from 2:05 pm to 3:25pm.


Club participation provides LGA members with additional opportunities to support the students and only requires several hours of time monthly. To date, six LGA members have participated in club days with the students.

LGA Member Support

We thank our participating members for all the support they have provided to date. We have received positive feedback from the school administration, faculty, and students. Our volunteers have also voiced enjoyment and personal satisfaction for the service they provide.


Any member interested in using their career experience and knowledge to support additional presentations to the students or is willing to participate with a club is welcome to meet with the Education Committee or communicate your interest by emailing us at The Education Committee meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 9:30 am at Tammy's Place at 239 Hwy 158 in Littleton, NC 27850 and you are welcome to come and participate. In the future, when we identify enough volunteers, we plan to expand the volunteer program to support schools in other counties in the Lake Gaston area. We look forward to hearing from you. If you would like to volunteer, please click here to view and print our volunteer form.