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LGA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes - APPROVED
March 10, 2021
VIA Zoom

Note: Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Board continues to meet via Zoom. This meeting was originally scheduled for March 3 but had to be rescheduled due to technical difficulties with the Zoom application. This was our third meeting where we invited the membership.

Meeting called to order at 9:35 AM by President Don Carson. Those participating in the meeting were Directors Carol Warfel, Al Potter, Jeff Dowhan, Jeff Zimmer, John Cataldo, David Murphy, Brian Goldsworthy and Executive Director Moira Underwood. We had a total of 28 attendees.

Today’s Agenda was approved. (JZ/DM)

Don began the meeting to mention the passing of our Treasurer Jack Saunders. Jack was a long time contributor and he will be greatly missed.

Luly Carson has been appointed as a Bookkeeper to manage the books until a new Treasurer can be elected at the June Annual Meeting.

Don also mentioned Brian Goldsworthy will now head up the Public Safety Committee due to Jack’s passing.

Don introduced Corey Chamberlain from Dominion Energy who gave an interesting Lake Gaston Update presentation. We are appreciative Corey has made this available for the membership. It is posted nearby. Finally, further questions about Lake Gaston can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Don then asked if the Committee Chairs present had an update on their activities.

Lake Clean Up Chair Carol Warfel advised LGA Board members on March 30 will be doing a litter clean up along local roads. We are all disappointed by the unsightly clutter and figure we should walk the talk to join other groups doing similar activities.

Jeff Zimmer, Lake Environment Chair, said volunteers are needed to assist with cage repair on June 14-17. This is a shallow water activity is critical to keep grass carp and turtles away from the young vegetation.

Public Safety Chair Brian Goldsworthy said the annual shred event, now named the Jack D. Saunders Community Shred Event, will again take place at the RWVFD on May 8.

Our next meeting on April 7 will also be by Zoom and our guest speaker is Jessica Baumann, Lake Manager from NCSU Extension program. She will discuss the results of last fall’s vegetation survey.

With no further questions or comments, motion by DM/JZ to adjourn and passed.

Meeting adjourned at 10:30 AM.

Respectfully submitted,
Brian Goldsworthy, VP and Acting Secretary

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