LGA Bylaws

June 14, 2003 (revised) - June 12, 2004 (revised) – June 9, 2007 (revised) – June 13, 2009 (revised) - June 11, 2011(revised)

This organization is incorporated under the laws of the State of North Carolina and shall be known as the Lake Gaston Association, Inc. (Hereinafter the "LGA). It shall be a nonprofit, nonpartisan, and nonsectarian organization.


Some of the past and current activity where the LGA has become involved, represented, and influenced decision makers on issues and concerns include: aquatic weed control, community and water safety, environmental issues, fishing quality, water levels, boating safety, county services, government funding, taxes, land and water zoning, and the past relicensing process. The ACTIVITIES page of our website will provide a better understanding of the activities and accomplishments of the LGA.

Members of the Lake Gaston Association are represented by a Board of Directors, composed of five directors representing each county, of which no more than one position may be filled by an at large director (a director who is not required to own property in the county he is representing).

One Director in each county serves as the County Coordinator of that county’s Directors. He is responsible for organizing and directing the activities of his Directors, including assigning Directors to cover government meetings, writing or reviewing meeting reports to share with LGA members, and meeting as needed to determine plans of action concerning county issues and concerns. The County Coordinator serves on the Government Relations Committee.

Most of the actual work of the LGA is done within its seven committees – four of which, Environment, Public Safety, Planning and Development and Government Relations are operational, and three, Membership, Marketing and Nominating are administrative/support. Committees are composed of Directors, who generally serve on at least two, and non Directors - LGA member volunteers. Chairmen of committees must be Directors.